I don’t think I know you anymore In the space between neglect and hatred, There lies a small piece of Insignificant. How did I get here? I should say how did we get here, But I don’t use we anymore. It has become about You, you, you And the only thing I have claim to … Continue reading

Suvivor’s Shame & Radical Self-Compassion

Growing from your abuse is this messy, confusing journey. I consider myself a recovering survivor, but I think there’s this assumption that my abuse was yesterday; it was 2 years ago. And sometimes I feel embarrassed that I’m still healing, and still learning how to trust others. For my personal journey, I’ve noticed that the … Continue reading Suvivor’s Shame & Radical Self-Compassion

Critical Slut Theory

As I’ve been thinking heavily about what I want to write my dissertation on (thinking of a solid topic is the first part of the grueling dissertation process) and I’ve been given tons of the obvious tips; write about something not discussed in the field, write about something you can’t stop thinking about, write about … Continue reading Critical Slut Theory