22. Aries sun. $MuvaPimpcess. Grad student in the sex industry. In a perpetual state of meltdown.

I am the sum of all my messy ass experiences, and boy do I have a lot. I’m just here to share my failures, successes and hopefully make you cry as much as I do (which is, at this point, bi-daily). Asè.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Tuesday Barnes says:

    Thank you for being brave and speaking your truth. It is important to feel liberated in your truth and once that truth no longer liberates you, you must dig and critically examine why and then uncover new truths. Life is truly about this evolution of truth, never becoming complacent in one idea and always pushing yourself to be better. Stay Amazing.


  2. blvckwomvn says:

    You write well and your pieces are very interesting. Even without proper punctuation and appropriate capitalization, and with the common use of colloquial words/phrases, you seem to outshine many writers who remain consistent with all of those things. Your overall tone and what you have to say is powerful. I don’t agree with everything you say, but I admire you. Lol & I haven’t even met you.
    I simply crave writing & content like yours so pls keep it coming.
    Much love always. 😊💕


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